Lords of Mars – Character Sheets

Lords of Mars is a super fun little RPG by Ray Otus for sale over on itch.io . It’s a pulpy sci-fi game based on Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom novels.


The system is light, and easy to learn. The 12-page book packs in just enough information to get started.

It didn’t have a character sheet available, so I’ve designed my own fillable PDF character sheet. There are four characters on each letter-size page. Each page was designed to be cut into 4 separate sheets to match the page size of the book.



Hobomancer – Character Sheets & Pregens

Hobomancer is a RPG from Hex Games in which you play Hobomancers, members of  ahobomancer secret society of hobo magicians constantly traveling across Depression-Era America. They use their powers to battle otherworldy supernatural threats and protect reality itself.

It uses the QAGS (Quick Ass Games System) ruleset, a light story-based system. There’s also a QAGS Qik-Start version available as well.

For an upcoming game, I took the original character sheet and made a fillable version.


I’ve also made a PDF file of six pregenerated Hobomancer characters. Each has a description of the character’s Hobo Power printed on the back, along with the basic Hobomancer powers, and a list of spirits.



Gamma World 1st edition – Fillable Character Sheets & Artifact sheet

Best RPG illustration ever

I’m in the middle of preparing a one-shot game of the original 1978 edition of Gamma World for next week.  I ran this game for years when I was a kid in the 80s, so it was a big nostalgia kick to start reading through it again.

For character sheets, I’ve taken the sheets Patrick M. Murphy posted on his site and made a fillable version:


You can click on the portrait area of the PDF to insert an image.

If a player picks up a technological device from the old world, it’s not assumed the PC can immediately figure out its function or how to use it. GW has a fun little subsystem to allow PCs to experiment with an artifact.

There is a flowchart that the players move across randomly by rolling a D10. They can either eventually figure it out, or possibly cause it to malfunction or even explode.

The three flowcharts in the book are a little small & crude, so I’ve started working on larger, nicer versions.

Here’s the first one  – it’s just for one chart (chart A)


Eventually I’ll get around to the other two.


Troika! Character/Cheat Sheets

troika.pngI recently ran a quick session of Troika!, the fantasy RPG from the Melsonian Arts Council. It’s a simple system based on the old Fighting Fantasy System.The whole thing has a wonderful, weird, psychedelic acid-fantasy vibe. Definitely worth checking out

There’s a nice review of the system here: http://www.jasonpym.com/stuff/2019/03/14/a-review-of-the-troika-rpg/

To prepare for the session, I put together some character sheet PDFs combined with some rules cheat sheets for each player.

I took two character sheet images designed by Jim Magnusson from this post on the Secret DM’s blog and made them letter-sized PDFs. There are two versions:



I’ve added rules summaries on the back side of each one.

I took the rules summary text from David Schirduan’s Troika Reference Sheet that I got from his site (his version is way nicer looking). He has a lot of other reference sheets available there as well: https://technicalgrimoire.com/downloads

Freebooters Character Sheets

freebooterlogoNight Owl Games makes a fun series of games based on the original D&D rules in a variety of genres.

One of my favorites is Freebooters, a retro-clone based on the Age of Piracy in the Caribbean. It’s got rules covering ship battles, boarding, and voodoo. It’s short, succinct and gives a lot of useful historical info for running piracy-themed games.


I’ve made my own custom fillable character sheet. It was designed to be printed on cream colored or brown paper.






Here’s a fillable version of Night Owl’s original character sheet


Jacques, Carl, & John: Atomic Robo – Pregenerated Characters

I pulled the character image for Jacques-Yves Cousteau from a one-season children’s cartoon from 2003

I  recently ran Atomic Robo, the pulpy FATE super-science game from Evil Hat last week. Here are the pregenerated characters I ended up using:


It includes Carl Sagan (directly from the book), John C. Lily, Jacques Cousteau, and an intelligent dolphin.

They were all created with the Atomic Robo fillable character sheet from a previous post.