More Stargate Paper Miniatures

As I’ve posted before,Asgard I like to use paper miniatures in my games. I’ve updated my collection of Stargate paper minis to include some Asgard, the friendly alien race from the TV show. These will also work as general aliens for Sci-Fi games.

These are based on scarecrow‘s originals.

There’s a PDF file and cutfiles for people using desktop paper cutting tools.

The files are at the following:

StarGate Paper Miniatures


I’m a big fan of using paper miniatures for games. It’s cheaper and much more convenient than metal or plastic.

I’ve been getting a lot of use of scarecrow‘s Stargate minis originally posted on the forums at Cardboard Warriors. I’ve made my own revised versions, with some size changes, recolors, and a few extra figures.
Currently I have a sheet with the SG-1 team and other figures, along with a sheet of Goa’uld.
I’ve also included cutfiles for people using desktop cutting tools.